Mobile Cardiology Consultations

Mobile cardiology consultations are available for practices that are located within our mobile coverage region (effective January 1, 2023).  Beginning in 2023, the mobile coverage region is primarily limited to the HRM in an effort to reduce appointment wait times by offering more appointment options to both clinics within the HRM and those outside the mobile coverage region. ECVC offers several convenient options for scheduling a mobile veterinary cardiology consultation for your practice.  Online appointment scheduling through our online portal is preferred and available for any practice located within the HRM.  If you are a veterinary practice located within the HRM and do not presently have a login for our online appointment scheduler, please contact us.

For practices located outside the HRM and are within the mobile coverage area (or those who do not use the online appointment scheduler), you may complete the appointment request form and you will be contacted soon to coordinate the scheduling of a mobile cardiac appointment.  

ECVC provides mobile consultations Monday through Thursday.

Consultations are not available on statutory holidays or weekends.

Stationary Cardiology Consultations

Beginning September 2022 ECVC will be offering stationary cardiology consultations for clients who are located outside of the mobile coverage area and are willing to travel.  These consultations are available by referral only from the primary care veterinarian at Petworks Veterinary Hospital (850 Portland Street, Dartmouth).  These consultations are scheduled directly through ECVC – do not contact Petworks to schedule.  Results are discussed directly with the pet owner during the appointment and all results are sent to the referring veterinarian following the appointment.  

Scheduling a Mobile Cardiology Consultation

Mobile cardiology consultations are only available within the mobile coverage area (effective January 1, 2023).  Appointments can be scheduled in two ways:

  1. Clinics with a login to the online appointment scheduler can access the mobile schedule directly and book an available date/time.  Instructions on how to the use the online scheduler are available.
  2. Clinics without access to the online appointment scheduler can submit a referral request here.

Scheduling a Stationary Cardiology Consultation

Stationary cardiology consultations are available only for pet owners referred from clinics located outside the ECVC mobile coverage area (effective January 1, 2023).  These are by referral only and are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis.

A referral request form is required to request a stationary cardiology consultation.  These appointments are offered monthly at Petworks Veterinary Clinic in Dartmouth.