We offer several convenient options for scheduling a mobile veterinary cardiology consultation for your practice.  If your hospital is located within the HRM, we offer appointment scheduling through our online portal.  If you are a veterinary practice located within the HRM and do not presently have a login for our online appointment scheduler, please contact us.

For practices located outside the HRM (or those who do not use the online appointment scheduler), we ask that you complete the appointment request form below and we will contact you soon to coordinate the scheduling of a mobile cardiac appointment.  

Please note for extended areas outside HRM (Shelburne/Yarmouth, Digby, Cumberland and Cape Breton counties), a minimum case number will be required to arrange a mobile cardiology visit.  If you are located in one of these regions and are interested in our services, please contact us by email for more information.   

We provide mobile consultations Monday through Wednesday within HRM and service to surrounding regions on Thursdays (9 am – 4 pm).  

We are typically closed for consultations on statutory holidays.

Please visit our Facebook Page for more information on scheduled unavailability for cardiology consultations.

MObile cardiology appointment request:

If you are a veterinary practice located outside of the HRM or do not have access to our online appointment scheduler, please complete the following form to submit a request for an appointment.   

If you are located in Shelburne/Yarmouth, Digby, Cumberland or Cape Breton counties, please contact us in place of using this form as a minimum case number is required to arrange a mobile cardiology visit. At this time, I am unable to offer mobile appointments in these extended regions due to high demand within the HRM and immediate surrounding areas.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Sections noted by an (*) are required to complete the form request.  Please email any pertinent records/radiographs/bloodwork/etc. to info@eastcoastheartvet.ca after submitting your appointment request.    I will contact you via email to finalize the appointment booking.

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    Please email pertinent records/thoracic radiographs/ECG to info@eastcoastheartvet.ca after submitting your appointment request.

    Thank you for completing an appointment request form - we will be in contact with you soon (within 24 hours during the week) via your requested mode of contact!