Opening in 2023!

Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital will by the end of 2023, conveniently located at 168 Hobson Lake Drive in Halifax NS (Bayer’s Lake).  Dr. Orr will be joining the practice to provide comprehensive cardiac evaluations for patients in this new state-of-the-art veterinary hospital.  Mobile appointments with ECVC are no longer available to allow time for the transition and opening of the cardiology department. 

As there will be a brief period of time where Dr. Orr will be unavailable for cardiology referrals, patients that require urgent cardiology referral should consider other referral options within our region (Find a board certified veterinary cardiologist).

Prior to the opening of the hospital, we are offering a waitlist for appointment scheduling.  Please complete the referral form below including attachment of any pertinent records.  Once ready for scheduling, the referral team at Coastal Care will contact pet owners directly in the order of registration to begin scheduling cardiology appointments.  Appointment scheduling has NOT yet begun and we are estimating that pet owners will be contacted late October/early November for scheduling.

Submitting Referral Request for Cardiology Appointment Waitlist

The following referral form must be completed by the referring veterinarian to joint the waitlist for a cardiology appointment at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital.  This evaluation includes a complete cardiac work-up as well as a consultation with the pet owner.  A referral report will be sent to the referring veterinarian upon completion of the referral. 

Important Information Prior to Completing Referral Request:
  • Completing this referral form to join the appointment list does not  carry an obligation by the pet owner to schedule an appointment with the cardiology department.  By joining the waitlist, your patient will be offered the earliest appointment availability when the hospital opens later this year.
  • The pet owner will be contacted directly in the order of registration to the wait list (via preferred method of communication – email or phone) when we are ready to begin appointment scheduling (estimating late October/early November to begin appointment scheduling).  Please ensure the contact information for the pet owner is correct to avoid unnecessary delays in scheduling.
  • Completing this form in advance will ensure a seamless referral for your client so that all necessary information is available to our team for scheduling the appointment.
  • Fees associated with the appointment will be discussed with the pet owner at the time of contact for scheduling the appointment.
  • Please follow Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital’s website for additional information about the hospital including other specialties and plans for the opening of the hospital.
  • As there will be a brief period where Dr. Orr is unavailable for cardiology consultations during the transition from mobile to stationary practice, urgent cases should consider referral to another cardiologist in our region (Find a board certified veterinary cardiologist).  Dr. Orr can be contacted via email for assistance with cases that he has previously evaluated with ECVC.
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Referring Veterinarian Information

Please use the best email address for receiving the referral report following the appointment

Patient Information

Patient Owner Information

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Reason for the Appointment (select all that apply)
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Appointment Details

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Please upload recent medical record and pertinent files (thoracic radiographs, labwork, etc.). Having recent medical records ensures a smooth referral process so all patient information is available prior to the appointment.

Submit Appointment Request

Once the form is completed (including attachment of medical records), please press the submit button. Patient owners will be contacted directly for scheduling a cardiology consultation at Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital when we are ready to accept our first appointment bookings.