The goal of mobile veterinary cardiology is to foster collaborative patient care between the veterinary cardiologist and the referring family veterinarian (who already has a trusted relationship with you and knows your pet the best!) and to make specialized cardiac care accessible.  As we travel directly to your family veterinarian to provide this specialized care in-hospital, we eliminate long, stressful travel for both you and your pet and also eliminate the requirement for you to take time off work or miss commitments.  By evaluating patients in your family veterinarians office, we further eliminate stress for your pet as it is an environment and team they are already familiar with and trust. 

Through this collaborative relationship with your family veterinarian, our goal is to try to improve the time that you and your beloved animal companions have together.  By partnering with family veterinarians, we can support veterinarians in helping to diagnose and manage challenging cardiac cases.  East Coast Veterinary Cardiology provides a wealth of cardiac experience to help diagnose cardiac disease in animals as we perform all the necessary cardiac diagnostics, review all pertinent medical records and discuss the case directly with your family veterinarian.  Together with your veterinarian we can build a personalized cardiac treatment plan that takes into consideration all the previous medical history of your pet.  Dr. Orr will continue to work with your family veterinarian even after the initial evaluation with any changes in your pet’s condition or concerns that may arise to ensure the best quality care possible.

If a cardiac evaluation is appropriate for your pet, your family veterinarian will contact East Coast Veterinary Cardiology directly to arrange a mobile appointment.  Our goal is a collaborative approach for each and every case with you and your family veterinarian – this means that you will continue to work with your trusted family veterinarian after the consultation and Dr. Orr will be available to your family veterinarian for any concerns that arise in your pet’s progress.  We firmly believe that excellent communication and education with pet owners will help to enhance the quality of life of pets with heart disease.  

Continue to explore our site – it contains a variety of information for pet owners to help you better understand and manage heart disease in your loved animal companion.